Jeanette McMahon

Hi, I'm Jeanette McMahon. I'm not a lumberjack, but I'm ok.

Jeanette McMahon's Bio:

Jeanette McMahon is an American actor and vocalist with credits on both stage and screen. Early in her career, she studied voice and sang with jazz, early music, and chamber groups under the direction of respected artists such as Dave Barduhn, Michele Weir, and Peter Rutenberg. She then went on to study acting at Playhouse West in Los Angeles with Mark Pellegrino, Tony Savant, and Joseph Dean Coburn, as well as with the late Fred Kareman at Studio 808 in New York. Jeanette is known for her professionalism as well as her ability to play a diverse range of characters.

Jeanette McMahon's Experience:

  • Actor at Independent Entertainment Professional

  • Co Star at NBC Universal Television

    Grimm, Episode #2.07, "The Bottle Imp" Directed by Darnelle Martin
  • Co Star at Leverage 4 Productions, Inc.

    Leverage, Episode #4.08, "The Boiler Room Job" Directed by Arvin Brown
  • Principal Actor at CBS Films

    Extraordinary Measures Directed by Tom Vaughan
  • Lead Actor at @Large Films

    Industrial film, ORCAS "Aggression II" Directed by Curley Johnson
  • Principal Actor at Nestle

    Carnation Instant Breakfast commercial entitled "School Bus" Filmed at Laika animation studio
  • Co Star at Comedy Central

    Chappelle's Show, Episode #1.7, "Great Moments in Hookup History" Directed by Rusty Cundieff
  • Principal Actor at Anheuser-Busch

    Budweiser commercial entitled "Rumble Bumble" Pay-Per-View Cable Use spot with Michael "Let's Get Ready to Rumble" Buffer

Jeanette McMahon's Education:

  • California State University, Northridge

    B.S. Religious Studies

Jeanette McMahon's Interests & Activities:

Gardening, cooking, nature walks, reading, knitting/crochet, canning, board games, word games, repurposing, blogging (

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